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We provide a broad range of support services for LGBTIQA+ young people around WA, including drop-in sessions, community development, counselling and much more.

We believe all LGBTIQA+ young people deserve for feel included, connected and respected. Our work throughout Western Australia is all about that, with us providing direct support and information to young people, as well as training and guidance to parents, professionals, communities and organisations.

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  • The WAAC Store

    The WAAC Store

    The WAAC store isn’t just a place where you can get your hands on fabulous tees, totes, mugs and lanyards, but you also get to help our work.

    All proceeds from sales help us increase the services and support we provide to people living with HIV, LGBTIQA+ people, people who inject drugs and other marginalised communities.

    Not only do you get to have some fabulous, stunning, gorgeous items, but you also get to empower our work fighting stigma and discrimination, and improving our services.