Disability and sexuality

Being both LGBTIQA+ and having a disability can be hard.

Our society has a history of denying that people who have disabilities have a sexuality at all (let alone diverse sexuality!) Many people still think this way and the result is a “double taboo” around sexuality and disability.

Many people with disabilities can be denied choices and access to information about sexuality and sexual health, and gender identity and expression.

​Fortunately, there are places that value people with disabilities and their sexuality and gender.

​We provide inclusive spaces that welcome people of all abilities (and ethnicities, cultures, denominations, genders, and sexualities).


For more info on sexuality and disability, we recommend:


P1P (People 1st Programme) provides sexuality, relationships and personal safety education for people with intellectual disabilities.

A project of Sexual Health Quarters, PIP offers one-to-one education, protective education programmes in schools and parent/carer consultations. Services are tailored to the needs of the individual.  (08) 9227 6414


SECCA (Sexuality Education Counselling & Consultancy Agency) provides counselling for people with a disability, their partners, carers and family around relationships and sexuality.

Professional education and consultancy are also available covering sexuality and disability. Fees may apply. (08) 9420 7226


People With disabilities WA provides services including advocacy, information and referrals, community education and lobbying.