Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund

The Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund allows trans young people (under 30) in Western Australia to apply for funds to cover some costs of activities, services or goods that advance the health of, advance the education of, or alleviate poverty for young people who are trans.

This could cover the cost of hormones, binders, psych fees, study course fees and books, or anything else that helps to improve the health, education and wellbeing of trans young people. Individuals, projects or programs may apply to receive funding if eligible.

How do I apply?

Find all the documents you need to apply in our application pack

Have questions?

Please read the Application and Processing Information document in the application pack above before contacting us with questions about applying. Freedom Centre staff can help guide young people applying to the Fund;

We recommend you use the above application checklist and a sample letter to help with your application. All applications need a letter of support like this from a qualified support worker or certified medical practitioner (e.g., GP, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, youth worker, counsellor, social worker, etc.).

In addition, the FC Coordinator will submit a letter of endorsement when your application is submitted.

About Belle

We have the opportunity to work with the generous Lake family to offer this important opportunity, in line with the wishes of the late Isabelle Electra Lake.

Belle was a passionate LGBTIQA+ community advocate who sadly passed away from leukaemia on 28 February 2012 at age 21.

She was highly regarded for her volunteering efforts with several LGBTIQA+ community organisations, including Freedom Centre, WA Gender Project and Slutwalk Perth. Before becoming unwell again, Belle was working at the WA Equal Opportunity Commission, where she assisted in the development of resources for the Challenging Sexuality and Gender-Based Bullying in Schools Project.

Belle was very passionate about our mission to promote the health and wellbeing of young people’s sexuality, sex and gender. She dedicated many hours to volunteering at the centre, particularly peer-supporting young people who are trans.

One of her dying wishes was to leave a legacy that continued this important goal, which her family has empowered through the creation of the Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund.

Support the fund

You can support the Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund by spreading the word about the Fund existing to financially support trans young people. You could also donate to add to the fund or encourage others to donate – donate online to us now via PayPal through WAAC (our managing organisation).

Make sure you select the Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund box when donating online.  All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!