Tuesdays          4pm-8pm 

Wednesdays    4pm - 8pm

Fridays              4pm - 8pm

A drop-in session for all LGBTIQ+ young people 26 years and under, alternating over 18s and under 18s



Second Thursday of the month 17 & under


Third Thursday of the month

17 & over (up to 26 years)


4pm - 8pm

Join us on discord here

Instructions further down the page



1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of every month


4pm - 8pm 

A drop-in session for trans, intersex and otherwise gender diverse young people 17-26 



Every Monday


4pm - 8pm


A drop-in session for all LGBTIQ+ young people 17 years and under and their families/carers


Anyone who is 26 years or younger and identifies as LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and otherwise diverse in sexuality and/or gender), with the exception of our GenderQ drop-in session, for which you can be up to 30 years of age. GenderQ is also specifically for trans, intersex and otherwise gender diverse young people, while Junior Freespace is for under 18s.

Any friends, family or other support people are also welcome to come to check the centre out, support their loved one, and get info and support from the FC staff and volunteers. We know it's important for some young people first attending the drop-in centre to bring someone for support and we encourage it! We ask people over the age of 26 who are there for support to refrain from attending the youth-owned drop-in space more than a couple of times or for extended periods of time, out of respect for the youth-owned space. Although arrangements can be made with FC staff for individual circumstances.

We also have specific family-friendly drop-in sessions through Junior Freespace for under 18s because we recognise how important family can be and want to make sure everyone feels supported and has access to the best and most relevant information.


Drop-in sessions are free and everyone is welcome anytime we’re open, so long as you respect the centre and the people in it. We have some Safe Space Responsibilities centered around this expectation of respect that we ask everyone to stick to.


  1. Respect other people and their personal space, privacy and property at the Centre.

  2. Use respectful language: no put-downs, threats or discrimination against any person or group and give content and trigger warnings.

  3. Respect the space - clean up and tidy any mess made.

  4. Smoke, drug and alcohol free zone. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we ask that you don’t use the FC Safe Space. We don't encourage smoking, drug and alcohol use in the FC space, though we provide information to reduce any potential health risks of using these.

  5. Participate in the set activity as best you can.

  6. Be inclusive of all people at the Centre.

  7. No cuddling, kissing or intimate touching as it can make some people feel uncomfortable or left out. 

  8. Don’t use the centre just to meet people for dating: it’s a no pick-up zone.

  9. Follow directions of FC Staff/Volunteers at all times.


How to join the FC online sessions

  1. Follow the discord link: https://discord.gg/RnksT4x

  2. You can use discord in either your web browser or by downloading the discord app on your phone or computer.

  3. When you follow the link you’ll be sent to our discord server. This server may appear blank. Don’t worry, that’s normal outside of our opening hours!

  4. During our opening hours, you will be able to join our welcome room. You will need to sign in (just like our in-person sessions)

  5. Just follow the instructions and answer the questions presented to you.

  6. From here our staff will sign you in and you’ll be allowed to see the rest of our discord channels and interact with the group.