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We offer a range of different drop-in sessions for young LGBTIQA+ people ages 12-26. Some sessions are face-to-face and others are online via Discord. Our sessions alternate between over 18s and under 18s. 

Drop-in sessions are an opportunity for young people to come together, meet new people, engage with peer educators and receive support as needed.


We offer a free, confidential counselling service for young LGBTIQA+ people (ages 12-26):


✅  Don’t know how to tell people about your identity?

✅  Want to bring in a parent for a chat?

✅  Struggling with other service providers?

✅  Concerned about your mental health?


Whether you are struggling with your identity, worried about a situation or you just want a non-judgmental person to talk to, our incredible counsellor Sarah is here for you. Sarah is available for appointments and attends some drop-in sessions.


The Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund provides the opportunity for trans young people (under 30) in Western Australia to apply for funds to cover some costs of activities, services or goods that advance the health of, advance the education of, and/or alleviate poverty for young people who are trans.


Freedom Centre offers a range of presentations and training for professionals and workshops for groups. Training can cover issues faced by young LGBTIQ+ people and how to support them. We can also work with you to tailor the training to meet the needs of your organisation.

We can provide information resources too!


Please contact the Freedom Centre Coordinator to request an agency visit to FC or for us to come to you for training, service info sessions or community events.

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