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FC Online Staff will always respect your privacy and confidentiality, unless what you say leads them to believe that you could harm yourself or someone around you; then we have a duty of care to report such things. Please refer to the  WA AIDS Council (WAAC) Privacy Policy for more info. FC Online Services are programs of Freedom Centre, which is a service of WAAC and therefore operates under the policies and procedures of the WA AIDS Council. We will not look at your Tumblr profile. For confidentiality and duty of care reasons, we do not make our followers or those who we follow viewable on our Tumblr profile.


The Isabelle Lake Memorial Fund provides the opportunity for trans young people (under 30) in Western Australia to apply for funds to cover some costs of activities, services or goods that advance the health of, advance the education of, and/or alleviate poverty for young people who are trans.


Freedom Centre retreats are 48 hours of workshops, games, cooking, crafts and chats, as well as the chance to learn about mental health and spend time in a safe space with other LGBTIQ+ young people in rural and regional areas of Western Australia.


Our next retreat is happening soon! If you’re interested in attending a future retreat or would like more information, please email Kelsey at [email protected].


Freedom Centre offers a range of presentations and training for professionals and workshops for groups. Training can cover issues faced by young LGBTIQ+ people and how to support them. We can also work with you to tailor the training to meet the needs of your organisation.

We can provide information resources too!


Please contact Rowan Brooker, the Freedom Centre Coordinator, to request an agency visit to FC or for us to come to you for training, service info sessions or community events.